It is a very difficult task to choose the appropriate school for your child. Fortunately, there are many school in Warsaw – you can decide on one of the many state, public and private schools. Among them there are the best, the cheapest and the most expensive, who teach many foreign languages and horse-riding during lunch breaks! We are a NORMAL school for EXTRAORDINARY children (as everyone is exceptional). Is it worth sending your child to our school? It is, if you agree with our pedagogical pattern. 


Briefly about the schools


30th Primary School was established in 1991 and 5th Gymnasium (upper primary) in 1999. Both these schools co-operate with each other on a regular basis. We have highly-qualified and well-prepared, who like each other and together are an efficiently working staff. We all try, both teachers and students, to create a place where everyone feels safe, respected and fully accepted. Our students know they have influence on what is going on at school. We support children in their individual development, strengthening their self-confidence; we strongly encourage to self-evaluation and we try to form their social skills.


In the schools the number of hours devoted to essential subjects is greater than the Curriculum minimum. We devote a lot of time and effort to develop in our students the ability of reasoning and problem-solving, giving them something more than just textbook knowledge. We also pay special attention to cross-curriculum links as well as to integrating humanistic and artistic points.


From the very beginning our students have extended English language classes (including lessons with native speakers); at upper primary level (gymnasium) they also have German lessons. At both schools we have special afternoon workshops and consultations on every school subject, special interests groups, additional art classes and re-educational groups. School continually co-operates with a psychologist and organises workshops dealing with various topics concerning social life at school. We are very proud as well of students’ self-governance at school and their democratic ‘institutions’ such as Parliament and General Assembly.


What is more, we are very experienced in organising numerous inter-school activities. We have organised many cultural and educational events such as theatre festivals (“Without the Mask”, since 1993), poetry recitation competition (The March Hare, since 1999) and sport contests.